Crystal Healing, Cromford, Matlock

Using Crystals in healing is an extremely powerful and unique experience. It involves the “laying on of stones” which is an ancient art that has been traced back to the lost civilization of Atlantis. Gems and crystals have been used throughout the ages for medicinal purposes as amplifiers for spiritual energies. They can be used to help therapists extend and enhance their healing energy.

Crystal healing is a therapy which allows you to relax your mind and body and release any energy blockages. With the knowledge of the body's chakra points, we select a range of crystals to resonate the kind of energy that will open the chakras. With this technique, energies delivered by the arranged stones will blend in and correct the imbalances to the body's chakra system. Once this is achieved, the body can naturally rejuvenate.

A unique experience!

45 mins = £40.00

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