Beyond Quantum Healing

Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH) hypnosis refers to a modified version of the original Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique created by Dolores Cannan. Each practitioner applies their own unique techniques that go above and beyond the original QHHT technique. BQH also includes in person or online sessions.

Connecting with your Soul Team, which can include your High Self, Star Family, Angels, Guides, Masters, Ancestors, Elementals and/or other High-Dimensional Beings, will assist in dispelling outdated mental patterns and barriers (historical, genetic, existing and ancestral), enabling all components of your being to be brought into balance, to bring about tranquility, recovery and serenity within yourself, your heritage and your connection to Cosmic Awareness and Origin.

With BQH, you can delve deep into the depths of your subconscious mind and find answers to the questions that are of the utmost importance to you in your current life. A peaceful, calming and powerful experience will help to take you into a relaxed, conscious state. Images, feelings and intuitions are experienced throughout the journey and will be directed towards the most relevant time and place to find the answers you are seeking. Your subconscious mind will provide access to your higher self and a healing team who will provide guidance. Once the energy healing process is complete, you will be gently brought back to reality and into a state of balance.

Quantum healing offers a powerful resource to gain insight into various physical, mental and emotional ailments. From lower back pain to various disorders, it allows access to an expansive array of treatments. It also serves as an avenue to connect to the divine self, allowing an individual to draw on knowledge from past lives and find deeper meaning and purpose.

Additionally, quantum energy healing offers countless benefits to foster self-love, improve relationships and encourage a feeling of wellbeing. By opening one's heart, it promotes generosity and facilitates compassionate healing for both oneself and others.

Through Beyond Quantum Healing, a heart-focused and energy-driven form of past life regression, you can obtain healing in various areas of your life. All you need to do is come up with questions, topics and experiences to focus on, and you can access the valuable information from your past lives that will help you understand the difficulties you're currently facing.

With this technique, you can gain clarity and a sense of strength and knowledge about yourself, with the goal of releasing past traumas, embracing a wider outlook and connecting to your spiritual being. Common intentions in these sessions include making career changes, gaining insight on relationships, understanding physical ailments, discovering life's purpose, learning about spirituality and much more.

£200 for advanced BQH session
Can last 3-4 hours (in person or online)

For online appointments it is recommended you have:

  • A strong, high-speed internet connection.
  • Zoom downloaded or pulled up and set up on your chosen device.
  • An iPad, laptop with a webcam or a desktop PC with a webcam and monitor that is highly mobile and moveable. This will need to be set up ready in the room where the session will take place BEFORE our call. We can adjust positions during the session.

All online sessions require these things. Please test your equipment and connection prior to our session to ensure that everything is ready. It is suggested to set up the night before your session to avoid possible technology stress the day of your session. Bare in mind, any time spent setting up your device during our session will shorten the time you receive in your journey.