Signature Back & Shoulder Massage

  • Have you sat so long you are seizing up and it hurts when you get up?
  • Struggling to get decent sleep, especially when you turn over it hurts?
  • Getting frustrated as you can't just bend down to pick something up?
  • Getting regular headaches?
  • Aching whilst doing basic chores?

These are final signs that your body is asking for help - so let me help you!

I specialise in shoulder and back massage, using techniques which I have developed, to give the right pressure to release the tension in the tight areas and increase circulation. This will enable you move freely again. This is no fairy fingered massage!

In this session, I will focus on your back/shoulders/neck on the areas that bother you most. A tailored essential oil blend is made to assist healing in the muscle/joint areas.

Essential oils help with inflammation and tension. I will work with you and offer self care tips and products to save you from seizing up.

You will feel such a difference afterwards you will be booking in again!

Total time with consultation 60 mins = £65.00

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