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Had a massage before, but it didn't quite cut it?

It is disappointing when you have looked forward to a massage but afterwards feel like nothing has been achieved?

This is why my treatments are different. I am no fairy fingered massage therapist.

People come to me as they are in pain, ache and unable to sleep.

I listen to where you feel the discomfort the most. I work on those areas and with my experience, I know exactly where to start.

Holistic therapy involves taking your whole picture of health into account. I may even look at your feet! They will tell me exactly where you really need the work.

Afterwards, you will notice a difference!

What My Clients Say!

  • I'm really noticing a difference having a regular reflexology and the cream really does help my joints you gave me, can I have some more? [...]

    Joanna, Matlock

  • Since having a regular back and shoulder massage, my migraines have stopped! I don't get them anymore. [...]

    Andrew, Matlock

  • You've hit the spot! I can bend over and put my socks on! If I could hug you I would! The oil blend is truly amazing, it helps me keep going! [...]

    Diane, Matlock

  • Thank you Laura, I actually get out of bed in a morning and I no longer ache! [...]

    Helen, Matlock

  • I actually didn't realise how bad my shoulders were till I got off the couch, I can move my arm again. [...]

    Beverley, Ashover

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